Condensing layout

How can I make this score more readable?
I like Condensing feature, but with Lyrics and Chord Symbols it seem to cause overlapping…
Condensing issue.dorico (3.4 MB)

Opening up your project here, it looks OK, Theo. Where in particular do you find overlapping happening?

Okay, I should explain a little bit the process…
I made the score with 3 Tenors and 2 Baritones, each one with Lyrics and dynamic marks.
To condense the score I had to eliminate the lyrics from some staves to avoid overlapping .
The dynamics are often the same for all the parts…
So is there an option to hide lyrics for some voices in condensed score and also dynamics because they would have to be shown in parts layout but in condensed score layout they are making it a bit full.

Condensing issue.dorico (3.5 MB)

The Condensing feature is not yet optimized for vocal music and other music with lyrics. It’s advisable to use some other method to prepare choral scores in Dorico at present.

Indeed, for the time being I would avoid using condensing for this kind of choral short score.