Condensing oddity: missing time signature

Hi all. Sorry if this has been brought up before, but I noticed strange anomaly in my condensed score today. In this measure, I have a time signature of 2/4 for all instruments besides these two staves in the middle that are in 6/8. I had to do the hidden 6:4 tuplet workaround to keep the measure length aligned with the other staves in 2/4. No problems, everything seemed fine.

However, in engrave mode with condensed mode on, the 6/8 time signature mysteriously vanishes. Intended behavior, a bug, or is it something I’m doing incorrectly here?

Galley view:
galley view

I doubt losing the time signature is intentional. I suppose it is an aspect of condensing that has not caught up with alternate staff time signatures.

You may need to check out MusGlyphs at Notation Central to see if that provides a work-around.

You’re probably right. I was able to create a 6/8 time signature glyph via custom playing technique as a workaround for this issue.

If you’re able to cut down the project to just the affected bars in the affected players, I’d be interested to see it if you can attach it here.