Condensing of tied notes

Hi Daniel,

I found, that there are some problems with tied notes, when condensing:
Ex. 1: here is probably the whole tief note counted as “1”,so Dorico is happily condensing. (Default settings).
Ex. 2: I often get extra rests, when condensing tied notes.

As condensing is a wotk in progress, I’m not sure, if these are known issues. If you want, I could send the score to you for testing. I can’t post it here.
condensing 1.PNG
condensing 2.PNG

How are your “crossing-voices” options set for condensing?

As I wrote: default settings.

I don’t see any issue with the picture you have posted as condensing 1.png as the phrases don’t align and so pitch crossing is not disallowed.

The spurious rests shown in condensing 2.png are indeed a bug and a variation on a theme of an existing problem we have been dealing with already. We will endeavour to fix this as soon as we can.

Than I don’t understand the option “Maximum number of pitch crosses in region”, which is set to 1. In condensing 1.png there are 6 notes below the second voice.

The phrase the top voice plays starts at a different point to the phrase that the bottom voice plays, thus the “Maximum number of pitch crosses” setting is irrelevant. It simply doesn’t apply.