Condensing Player Label Separators with Different Instruments

Hey all, not a huge issue, as I’m pretty sure I can just manually edit them afterward (though it might become a chore).

At the moment I don’t see any options in the engraving options related to separators between different instruments as opposed to player numbers. I would ideally want it to automatically create a comma between “Tbn.” and “Euph.” as seen in the screenshot below. This would be a great addition if it isn’t already possible and hidden somewhere I can’t find. For what it’s worth, setting the separator for between player numbers to be a comma doesn’t change it (and not what I want, either, since for numbers I would like a period).


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make a note of this as something for us to look at in a future version. For the time being you can indeed override the text of the label using the Properties panel in Engrave mode.

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