Condensing Question - Is this possible

Hi Daniel,

I’ve got 2 oboes written in unison which are correctly shown as ‘a2’ in condensed mode (see picture a)

However, when I try to write different lines for oboe 1 and oboe 2 in bar 3 is destroys the condensing in bars 1 & 2 (see picture b)

Is this a setting I’m not understanding?

What I’m trying to achieve is the following…

Kind regards. Reactor_UK

This is the dorico file for image (a) (590 KB)
This is the dorico file for image (b) (590 KB)

I think you will find all you need in “amalgamation”:

Because there are no rests in that music, Dorico is interpreting the whole thing as a single phrase, and Dorico will not change its mind about the maximum possible condensation midway through a phrase. The differing rhythms at the end of the phrase therefore prevent unison on a single stem at the start of the phrase. In a future update you will be able to create a condensation change at the point at which the rhythms begin to differ, which will give Dorico a clue as to where you consider the phrase to begin, and that will allow Dorico to produce unison condensation for the preceding bars.