Condensing score staff naming issue.

First, bravo on all the new features!

The score condensing is amazing, sorry to immediately report a bug and ask for more.

The naming on the condensed score is inconsistent, and reverting to default instrument names hasn’t helped. See screenshots, please.

Also would it be possible to allow us to condense the cello and bass staves?


In engrave options / staff labels either choose: stack vertically + ignore stem allocation or: stack horizontally + consider stem allocation.
Then all instrument numbers will be displayed in the same way (stacked vertically or horizontally). These options are not checked by default.

I don’t know exactly what you meant by “inconsistent,” but there is something strange going on when your first staff is labeled “Flute 1” and “Flute 2,” not “Flute” plus “1” and “2” in some format, and similarly for some other instruments.

As always, the easiest way to diagnose that sort of problem is attach the project. If you don’t want to show all of it, it only needs enough bars to create two systems of music. To attach the project, either create a zip file, or just rename it from xyz.dorico to

You can’t usefully condense cello + bass in this version, though you might be able to do that in future versions.

B_e_n, Thanks for your help.
Rob: yes “Flute” written twice as well as the French Horns were what I was calling “inconsistent.” I can’t get the file down below the limit for attaching (even when I delete most of the piece I think it’s keeping the data for undo commands). Importing the flow into a new file fixes the naming issue, so I’ll try that tomorrow or just making new players and deleting the old ones, then report back how that went.

Set the playback template to “silent” in Play mode. That usually reduces the size of the score by a lot.

I’ve seen these sorts of problems quite a few times, they were not reproducible, sadly. For me they usually fix themselves when I reassign the instruments (select Change instrument in Setup Mode and just choose the same one again).

That shrunk the file and re-selecting the instruments fixed the staff labels as well.
I had customized the Horns to “French Horn” and that’s causing the labeling to change for them. You can see that in the file.
Thanks again!
Schubert 10 Dorico instrument names in Condensed (482 KB)

Dear David,
I asked for the option Cello+Double Bass condensing in a prior post, as I think it is a legit request (with possible drawbacks, but I’d leave those to the users).
Since you’ve tracked down what the problem was with your Horns, I suggest you get rid of the word “bug” in the title of your thread, to keep things tidy :wink:

Ok, do they want us removing “bug” from titles when it’s been identified? (new to the forum, of course)
Is it not still a problem in the program that needs fixing? (Condensing instruments with non-standard names that are identical should be printed once with “1” and “2” after them just like standard names?

No, the consensus is that “bug” only applies if something doesn’t work as currently expected. If it’s been documented as not yet working, it’s not a “bug”.

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Great, thanks!