Condensing scores AND clef changes

At one point in my orchestral score, French Horn 4 goes to bass clef and pedal tones, while the other FHs stay in normal range:

But when I switch on Dorico’s condensing, it (rightfully) can’t condense both FH3 in treble clef and FH4 in bass clef, so instead it chooses to keep everything in treble clef, which results in lots of ledger lines as well as wasted space in the full score:

Any suggested ways to fix this? Since FH3 and FH4 don’t actually overlap, the simple workaround would be to add a bass clef in FH3 to correspond to the bass clef change in FH4, then switch back to treble clef when appropriate. This works in the sense that it cleans up the condensed full score perfectly. However, it then reads really strangely in the individual FH3 part: they see a phantom switch to bass clef, but no notes there, then a switch back to treble clef for normal playing. If I pursue this, is there a way to tag the vestigial bass clef switch as well as the following switch back to treble clef as invisible?

Indeed, Condensing will follow the clefs in the top stave, so indeed you’ll need to put two superfluous clef changes in Horn 3 for the condensed score to make sense. Until two days ago, this was one of the reasons* I sometimes needed to split a file into a ‘score’ and a ‘parts’ copy. But in version 5.0 you can hide clefs (and 8va lines) locally.

* Quite a few more reasons remain so I will still often have to do that, unfortunately.

Thanks for the confirmation. Good to know it’s possible in Dorico 5, which I haven’t updated to yet.