Condensing: Small bug with hidden tuplet brackets/numbers


I stumbled over a small bug: When I create tuplets and hide their brackets and numbers, when condensing Dorico will correctly keep the number hidden but show the bracket again. (In the properties panel the “Number” option is still activated while the “Bracket” option is not.)

To recreate, do the following

  1. Create empty file
  2. Add 2 players (eg. 2 trumpets)
  3. Create some tuplets in the first player, copy them to the second player.
  4. Select all tuplets, set “Number” and “Bracket” option via property panel to not show.
  5. Open Layout Options, activate Condensing.

Result: Only one line with notes, but the brackets are showing.
(I can select the brackets and hide them again in Engrave Mode.)

I hope this helps to continue making Dorico the best software for writing music :slight_smile:
Thanks to the team!

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There are a number of properties that can be different on uncondensed vs condensed staves. Does selecting the hidden tuplets in galley view and propagating their properties update the condensed staves? And/or hiding tuplet brackets/numbers with the property scope set to Locally?

As Lillie implies, this isn’t a bug - the two properties are just set up differently. “Bracket” can have a different value on the condensed staff than on the uncondensed staves, whereas “Number” cannot. (This also means that differences in the “Bracket” property on the uncondensed staves won’t affect whether they condense or not, whereas differences in the “Number” property will prevent condensing…)

Hi Lillie and Richard.

I see what you’re saying, thanks for the explanation. Maybe it would make sense then to set the initial value correctly(*)? Because when I hide all the tuplet numbers and brackets in all staves before activating condensing, I don’t think that anyone would expect the result of a condensed scroe to be “show the brackets”.
I’m perfectly aware that this opinion might stem on my limited view on wind band music. Is there a use case where after condensing the previously hidden brackets showing up again is a thing?

(*) “correctly” as in “that’s what I would expect”, of course.

The way the app works here isn’t specific to tuplets… Almost all properties work in one of these two ways as far as condensing goes: either the property value on the condensed staff is a copy of the value on the uncondensed staves, or it is totally independent. In the case of “Bracket” it’s totally independent, which means that what you’re seeing on the condensed staff is just the app’s default behaviour when no property has been set. It isn’t really feasible to have separate condensing logic for each property in the app - there are hundreds of them.

Hi, Richard.

Thanks for your answer. That’s exactly what I thought what’s going on here.

All I can say is that that’s not what I expected. It even is so much not what I expected that I decided to report it here because it feels like a bug to me.
I totally understand that from a developer’s perspective (I am a dev myself) your explanation is perfectly fine. From a user’s perspectiv though I would like to ask to have anohter thought on this. It might be enough to have a (small) group of these properties where the logic “if all of the uncondensed $things have the property manually overriden to the same value, keep it manually overridden in the condensed result” might be all it needs to make your users even more happy :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening, Estigy

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So the only way to hide the bracket on the condensed stave is in Engrave mode, yes?

Yes, exactly.
You have to switch to Engrave Mode, select the brackets and set the property again.

I’m still on Dorico 4.3. Does anyone know whether this issue was addressed in any way in v5?

No, properties that can be set independently in condensed vs. uncondensed music in Dorico 4 behave the same way in Dorico 5.