Condensing - staff label alignment

Can anyone advise on how (if possible) to get the Bassoon 2 / Contrabassoon labels right-aligned in this situation?

(I realise it’s not a conventional condensing choice, but the bassoons are quite independent and bassoon 2 and contra play in octaves a lot, so the score generally looks much neater like this).

(Bigger screenshot if helpful)

Unfortunately at the moment there’s no way to do this, since Dorico lays out the inner numbers and the outer labels in two separate passes. It’s something I hope we’ll be able to change in future, but it’s non-trivial.

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Thanks for the speedy reply Daniel. I think I can live with it for the time being.

Brahms never had such problems!


What if you rename them literally “Bassoon 1” and “Bassoon 2” instead of leaving the auto-numbering to Dorico?


That works! Thanks! As it turns out I’ve gone for a more conventional condensing with a few changes here and there, but it’s useful to know there’s that option.