Condensing techniques for Tutti Strings?

I have a piece where one section (Flow) has Violins and Violas in unison. (2 violins, 1 viola in other flows.) In the manuscript, it’s shown as one staff.

This would seem to be an ideal candidate for Condensing, except that I don’t want to get any … condensation… in other Flows when the violins have the occasional unison phrase. Am I right that condensing can’t be limited to one flow?

Pre-condensing, I would create a Tutti player for unison Violins, and then add this to both Violin parts (making sure that no Flow contained both Players). But the addition of the Violas, with their pesky C-clef, rules out this approach.

Or perhaps I could make special players just for the Unison Flow, and made them the only ones that condense, and add them to the parts like the Tutti Players? Though that might be needlessly complicated.

Problem 2 is another flow where the First and Second Violins are in unison, but the Leader’s got a Solo. I think I’ll have to use the “Tutti Player” technique here, and then divisi it. And since I’m doing that, I could use the Tutti player for Problem 1, with an additional Viola player that’s hidden from the Score.

Unless anyone has any other ideas?

When condensing changes arrive in the next update, you’ll be able to limit where condensing occurs for each condensing group.