Condensing - telling instrument group to NOT condense for one system

Generally I want my second violins to be condensed whenever they are playing Divisi. However, there is one particular system where vlns. II 1 and 2 have pretty independent parts and it would be a lot clearer if they each had their staff. Is there a way to “uncondense” for just one system?

You can use a condensing change in engrave mode

For Violins as section players it’s often easier to write “simple” divisi as a separate voice and attach a “div.” as text(custom playing technique)and use the divisi option for the “hard to read” passages, like the one you posted.

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Hi @Nukkul, thank you very much! Very helpful.

Another condensing-related question if I may: do you have any idea why Dorico does this?

Bassoons 1 and 2 play in unison for two bars after which the two-bar gesture repeats. Annoyingly, Dorico writes displays them as separate voices for the first two bars, and then a2 for bar three and four. This doesn’t make sense to me. Any ideas how to avoid this?

maybe the dynamics aren’t grouped the same way?

for example:
If the Bsn 1 dynamic are grouped and the Bsn 2 dynamic aren’t.

It’s difficult to tell without seeing what comes before the first gesture, but IIRC there are settings for how Dorico considers phrase length and rests for condensing.

Thanks. I’ve been able to fix it by going to Engrave > Condensing options > Notation options > select the bassoons and then check these options:

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