Condensing - tie/slur affects stem sharing in previous measure

The stems aren’t shared in measure 7 of the attached project, but are in all previous measures. Adding a Condensing Change, without selecting anything in the dialog fixes it. Is that the right approach or is there a Notation Option that would avoid this situation? (579 KB)

Yes, that’s what a condensing change is for.

Just to explain “why”: Dorico divides the music into “phrases” separated by rests and then chooses the strategy to condense each phrase.

So the last two bar are considered as one “phrase”. You can’t combine the stems in the last bar (if you pretend that whole notes have stems!) so the stems are separate in both bars.

When you add a condensing change, you tell Dorico to start a new condensing phrase at that point, and the stems can be combined in the first bar on its own.

Thanks all. I’m feeling much more confident about condensing.