Condensing Trombone and Tuba

Hi, is there any way to put the number of the trombone align with the oders?


Welcome to the forum, Tiago. I’m afraid there’s no simple way to do this at the moment, because Dorico will only split this kind of staff label into “inner” and “outer” labels when both instruments are numbered.

Thank you Daniel! That is a shame, hope it can be solved in a future update.
Is there a non simple way to do it?

No, I don’t think there’s even a complicated solution to this.

Ok, it will have to stay like this, but hope it can be fixed in a future update!
Thanks Daniel!

Here is a complicated solution: Instead of having two single players for the third trombone and tuba, you could have one section player using divisi. Use two lines for the names of the “instrument” held by this section player. Change the full name to Trombone over Tuba and the short name to Tbn. over Tba. Use divisi to create two section divisions. Change the label of the first division to III and the second division to a space. In the full score layout, allow section players to condense divisi. For the parts, create two layouts using this section player and rename them Trombone III and Tuba. Disable condensing in both part layouts and use manual staff visibility to hide the tuba staff in the third trombone layout and vice versa. Now the staff labels can look like this:


Thank you johnkprice!!! :pray:


EDIT: Nevermind, just realized it won’t work with a longer name added on another staff.