Condensing Vocal Parts

Hi again. I’ve been trying to fathom the condensing option, but can’t quite grasp what I’m doing wrong here. I’ve got 4 vocal parts, that are on separate staves, grouped together. When I use the ‘condense’ facility, they condense to a treble clef, as a series of 4-note chords. How can I get them to split across two staves, please (treble and bass), with the upper two parts in the treble and the lower two in the bass? Thank you.

Assuming you want this distribution throughout the score, make two custom condensing groups under Layout Options>Players>Condensing that contain S+A and T+B respectively.

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Ah, great, thank you. I’ve done that, and it worked a treat. Do you know if there’s a way to control the stem direction too, please? On the separate parts, the note stems all go up, which is fine. On the condensed result, they all go up too. Is there a way to make the 2nd and 4th parts’ note stems go down, please?

Check Write > Notation Options > Condensing to see if any of the options there produce what you want; if not, you can use manual condensing.

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Cool! Thanks for those tips. I couldn’t find anything in the ‘Write > Notation Options > Condensing’ part, so resorted to the manual condensing route, thank you :smiley: This is all very new to me (I’m using the 30 day trial) so would probably not have discovered that. Thank you very much for the prompt!

Hi again. My manually condensed 4-part vocals are showing the (same) lyrics 4 times, as they’re included on each separate part, I guess. Do you know, please, if there’s a way to show only one line of lyrics after the parts have been condensed?

There are known limitations on this front which the team has acknowledged and promised to address in the future. I believe many of us simply create the condensed part manually for many things as it’s easier, in this particular instance.

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Ah, ok then, fair enough! Thank you for the info.