Condensing with Manual Condensing renders blank staves

I have a problem with Condensing. I have an orchestral score with some instrument doublings in the woodwinds. When the 2nd bassoon doubles the Contrabassoon, it splits staves, as usual. However, after the instrument change, it doesn’t condense subsequent staves until when Bassoon 2 reenters (actually, at the following system).
Normally, I overcome that setting up a Manual Condensing, right after when the Contrabassoon stops playing. In this case, I’ve put the Bassoon 1 in the upper voice and the Bassoon 2 in the lower one, since the Bassoon 2 doesn’t play until way later, while the Bassoon 1 does play. After the Bassoon 2 reenters, I place a Condensing Change for reset.
This has worked well but, in this specific case, whereas the Bassoons are condensed, the music just vanished since mark C to mark J, where the bassoons reappear (albeit in separate staves). Why Dorico doesn’t respect the Manual Condensing I’ve put after C in the subsequent systems? I’m sure it’s something dumb, but I can’t figure it out.
Condensing bug bassoon.dorico (584.1 KB)

This is related to the limitation with condensing music from players holding multiple instruments, and I’m afraid there’s nothing much you can do about it as things stand. This is one of the more significant remaining limitations in condensing, and unfortunately it won’t be addressed in Dorico 4.0, but I’m hoping that it will be addressed during the 4.x series of releases.

Duh! I forgot that condensing and multiple instruments per player posed problems. Thanks for the info. I was going to spend these days troubleshooting. Glad I asked!
I’m going to try to hide empty staves in the meantime.

I found it interesting that if we create a Chord Symbol Region anywhere from bar 48 to bar 52 on the Basoon 2 staff, the notes of Basoon 1 will appear properly.