Condensing with Transposing Instruments (Key Sig bug)

When dealing with condensing transposing instruments in a transposing score, Dorico 3 sometimes incorrectly changes the key signature to concert, but leaves the notes transposed. When I was testing condensing with a score started in Dorico 3 it seemed to work correctly, so perhaps this is a bug in the conversion from 2.2 process?

Here’s a page with 4 Bb Trumpets from a transposing score created in 2.2 (not XML import):

When I turn on Condensing I get this, with the incorrect key signature:

The actual transposed pitches are correct, just the key signature is wrong. To anyone reading the score though, it would initially appear that the Tpts are written in Concert though as they share the same key sig with the Tbns. This gets even more confusing when Dorico condenses 3 Tpt staves but not the 4th as 3 staves have the incorrect key signature, but the independent stave has the correct one:

When I did a brief test with a native 3.0 score I didn’t encounter this problem. Can anyone else replicate this condensing key sig bug? Does it make a difference if it’s a 3.0 or 2.2 file? Thanks!

As discussed in another thread, we’re aware of this problem and a fix will be forthcoming.