Condesing and Bar Rests

I know that adding condensing changes is expected in a future update. When this comes, will it be possible to not show the bar rests at A and B? As per Gould in Behind Bars, pg. 529, either the player numerals or the bar rests are used, but not both. Additionally, once the bar rest is hidden, the player numeral at B should should appear above the staff.

I really do hope this will be possible as I consider the notation at A and B to be incorrect, so I have not be able to use the condensing feature at all. I appreciate how much work has gone into this feature and once the above is possible, it will easily be my favourite feature in Dorico.

I look forward to the next update!

You can hide player labels in engrave mode.

That gives you a way to get one of Gould’s options, at least.

Condensing changes won’t have any direct impact on this specific issue involving bar rests, but I can confirm that we do intend to address this as soon as it’s practical for us to do so.

I was hoping it was going to be included along with condensing changes, but even though it’s not, I am happy to hear it’s planned. Thanks for your reply and confirming about the bar rests.