Configurable controllers in a layer

Hi VST-Team,
I have an feature request regarding midi controllers.
I would like to have configurable controllers in a layer.

How should it looks like?
From a range of controllers I can arrange the controllers I need in a layer area.
The controllers can be connected to the respective instrument (e.g. a knob with the cutoff of the instrument). The control can then be assigned a MIDI control change so that it can be controlled remotely with an external device. Both are best done using a learn function.

I imagine the following controllers:
Faders, buttons, switches, text fields, etc.
It would be nice if every controller could be customized in size, color and position.

Here an example of how I imagine it to be:

Why do I need this function:
This feature provides an easy way to remotely control my sounds. The individual adaptability allows me to keep an overview of the control options for my sound in the layer.

I knew the Quickcontrol-Feature. But it isn’t very flexible (only knobs).
And if I use many intruments, the Control-Overview in Plug-ins becomes confusing.
BTW: I don’t know, how to connect a Quick-Contol to an external Midi-Controller like my nanoKontrol2. Is it possible to learn a QC to an Midi-Event?

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… you need to define it in “Actions and Shortcuts …”.

We’ll try to get this controls also be ready for the visual LEARN workflow.


I would add the possibility of creating virtual buttons/faders/rotary controls that can be freely assigned to layers.

I know, it’s a very “mainstage” request, but for us keyboard players it would be pure joy!!

… hm, plugs can define the type (knob, on/off, …) of their param. Let’s see if we can add this feature. So, if a param is a ON/OFF type, the QC would change to an ON/OFF control. Good one.



… yes, I can understand that request. I’ll talk with the team. But that’s a big request. Let’s see.

Thank you,

Yes, I totally agree.

Wouldn’t it be easier to use TouchOSC on a tablet (and leave VST Live “clean”)?

I use Touch Portal and it´s great but the lack of Actions available is the limit.

I could also imagine that there would be some kind of control layer per part (not per individual layer). Here you could create all the important controls for the active part that you want to operate live.

This means I have a complete overview of my controllers for an entire part.
I find the options with the quick controls and the actions and shortcuts very complicated.
I would like to quickly create a few controllers that I can operate live and view in an overview.

Yes, this is on our ist. The current approach is that you can „Learn“ any object, if it belongs to a Layer it will only show if the Layer is active (when its Part is active), same for Stacks etc. There could be a global panel, and one that is per Part as you suggested.

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Maybe as an inspiration: Gig Performer Widgets