Configuração de BPM

Gostaria de saber como configurar o BPM para alterar a velocidade do áudio mp3 ou outro formato.

Hi @zemarialira2023

Thanks for your message.

Could you please provide us with more details what you exactly want to do?


Eu altero o BPM mas o áudio permanece na mesma velocidade. Eu quero alterar o BPM e quero que o áudio também seja alterado

Hi @zemarialira2023

Below please find a short Cubasis Time Stretch example clip.

If you want to use your own loops with time stretch, it might be required to set the loop tempo first (before keeping up with the steps shown in the first example). Here is an another clip, which shows how to do it.

Please let me know if this helps!


In addition, you may check out our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial which shows all steps to create a full blown track with Cubasis…

Thank you.

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Hi @zemarialira2023

Hope the information is helpful for you.

Please note that there are loads of additional tutorials available (from us and others).

Enoy being creative,