Configuration issue Cuebase 7

I am really really new to this and got the Cuebase with my Yamaha MOX 8. I have the MOX 8 plugged in and every appears to work…except…When I try to use a VST I hear the VST and I also hear the MOX 8 tone at the same time when keys are depressed.


You could set local control to ‘off’ on your MOX8. That means you disconnect the keybed from the soundengine, but the keys will still send midi. What that means is that you can’t play the MOX8 by itself unless you turn local back on again.
To use the MOX8 with Cubase, you create a midi track that recieves midi from the MOX8 and sends it right back. So if you want to use a VST instrument, you do the same thing you already did, but if you want to use the MOX8 sounds, you create a new midi track to send the midi data with a detour from the keys to the sound engine.

Or you keep turning local control on and off, but that’s a bit of a nuisance probably.