Configuration of HDX/HD IO - two buffers?

Hi folks -

For people using Avid HDX hardware with Cubase: I noticed recently that when setting buffer sizes in Studio Setup you can set a buffer for your hardware, but if you go to the configuration panel for the device (HDX), there is a different buffer setting that doesn’t interact with the one you set in that main screen. Before I go down this rabbit hole and play “let’s confuse the hardware and destabilize my life”, can anyone account for why this is and what the ramifications are? Is it really two buffers or just one that isn’t reported or set bidirectionally?

Welp - I figured out that setting them to different sizes (say 128 in the config app but 256 in the control panel) results in a brain-destroying full-scale noise burst - after a little while. So sounds like some things aren’t speaking to each other and one has to stay on top of it.