Configuring AKAI MIDI controller MPK3 MINI in Cubase 12

How do I configure this midi controller in Cubase 12? I want specially to assign pads. Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Please have a look to the MIDI Remote part of Cubase 12.

I have an Akai MPK492, allegedly a fantastic controller, and nothing works in Cubase. First time set up, I was able to follow all instructions on how to set up a remote controller but then nothing works or it’s completely random. At one session, the transport buttons worked…once…I then had to close the project and Cubase, reopen and it worked again, once… The faders work fine oddly enough. The knobs…some work according to their mapping, three others work together for the same mapping! For instnce, three knobs do the cutoff of my VST?? Some pads work, e.g. the one to open the VST does work, same for the one mapped to the metronome, but the one assigned to the pre-roll doesn’t, as soon as I press on it, the pre-roll is engaged then immediately disengaged, there’s not even a toggle option I could find! I have Cubase 12.0.20, pc x64bit windows 10. Anyone had a similar problem?