Configuring Groove Agent and Roland TD-20

I am trying to configure Groove Agent to be triggered by my Roland TD-20. I am hoping to get more realistic sounds. If this all work as I need it to I will most likely look into adding Groove Agent 3.

I am running Windows 7 and Cubase 6. I have my MIDIMAN interface connected and for the most part it is working.

Most of the pads are triggering without any extra work. I want to assign those that are not. Where and how do I do this?

Also is thre a recomended config for the TD-20, I know Ocean Way has a mapping to their software as well as how to configure the TD-20 to make it trigger correctly. I could not find anything lik ethis for Groove Agent 1

Thank you

I don’t know the TD-20, but have a look in its manual which pads transmit which midi note. In Groove Agent One, you can set the midi note per pad. Just assign them so that the pad midi notes correspond to those on your TD-20