Configuring M-Audio Trigger Finger v1 to control Cubase

Hi All,

I was wondering if it’s at all possible to add my M-Audio Trigger Finger (not the Pro version) as a controller for various things in Cubase - like EQ knobs, fader volumes, etc.? I’m very familiar with how to do this in Ableton Live, but I know Cubase works differently as far as I’m aware?

This thing pretty much collects dust in my studio and it seems to be a shame if I didn’t put it to use.


Yes, it is possible to use any MIDI Device to control almost any function of Cubase. For working more in the “live style”, use Quick Controls (Devices > Device Setup > Quick Controls). Here, you can use learn to set, which MIDI Controller (hardware controller) will control which of the Quick Controls. Then, in every single track, you will define, which parameter will be controlled by this Quick Control (i.e. HW controller).

If you want to use more “HW mixer” style, use Generic Remote Device (Devices > Device Setup; click + button, and select Generic Remote Devoce from the list). In the upper part, you can again use the Learn, to make a map of your hardware controllers. In the lower part, you will define, which function exactly (or which parameter) will be controlled.

Or buy Steinberg CC121. :wink:

Thanks. I know there’s thousands of MIDI controllers out there, but it’s kind of a shame that Steinberg hasn’t built out some Quick Control mappings for more of the common controllers out there.

I discovered Quick Controls via your YouTube channel, but for some reason my controller still isn’t working.


Yes there are thousands of MIDI Controllers, and there are new “every day”.

In the Devices > Device Setup > Quick Controls, did you select Input MIDI Port? Then click Apply, and then enable Learn button, to be able to assign your MIDI controllers. If it still doesn’t work, could you attach the screenshot, please?

I’ve managed to figure out a few things on the Trigger Finger with Cubase like how to start and stop the arrangement, but I’m still trying to figure out how to be able to use the faders on it to control the volume on the mixer for the channels I have selected. It would be handy since it has 4 faders.


You can control Volume of only one (currently selected) fader, by using Generic Remote Device. You cannot make a bank of 4 faders.

In the lower part of the Generic Remote Device, set:
Device = VST Mixer
Channel = Selected
Action = Volume

Btw: As the Flag in the upper part of the window, I would recommend you to use Pick-up, for the fader. Then the fader in Cubase will move once you reach its value on your hardware. if Pick-up mode is not selected, then it will always jump to the current value of the physical fader, once you switch the track and move the fader. Which is pretty annoying.

Hi loopdokter,
Trigger Finger v1 transmits on midi chanel 10 this may be causing you some problems.
Set input to any on the vst then it should work.
I have one and use it as a midi controler , its good for NI Battery or other drum vst’s.

Hi Mike,

Have you set up any mappings in Cubase for it? If you have, would you mind sharing?