Configuring new PC

Hi there,

My old PC (Core 2 Duo Q6600) died yesterday, it was 15 years old…
I have to build a new one but I’m not aware about new processors so could you help me to choose ?

Here are my needs (I use Cubase 12 Pro) :

  • I use mainly virtual instruments and samples (Kontakt, Arturia V collection… etc.) so I need low latency with my ASIO divers (my audio interface is a Focusritte Scarlett 8i6).
    So I’m looking for something stable, not necessary a top configuration.

My budget is around 800€-1000€ for the complete tower (I already have the screen).
So which CPU should I use ? Intel I5 or I7 ? AMD Ryzen ? 16 or 32 GO RAM ?

if I believe this article, I7 12th generation and above are to be avoided ?

Thanks in advance for your advice !

I can’t recommend the build ive just done high enough , if you stay with the Z series motherboards you will be in good health . My build cost me in total £585 shopping wisely and for decent quality stuff . You can build a very good spec tower just jumping back a few gens with serious performance :+1:
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Thanks a lot FilterFreq for your advise but I prefer buying a mid-range new gen configuration.
I was thinking about a Core I5 12500 with 16 GO RAM, it will be more than enough for me (compared to my old Q6600).

I intend to keep this configuration for at least 10 years !

Good luck for this budget

Then you should of mentioned that