Confirmation on trimming (sorry for all the questions)...

OK, just to confirm the handling of editing multiple tracks (outside of M/S):

I have a stereo track and 2 mono tracks– from a stereo pair of mics + 2 spots.
Typically, one would editing them all together, but need to process separately.

  1. In order to trim them together, clips in each track must be grouped, or each must be selected & trimmed with opt key.

  2. Shift+click does not work for selecting clips over multiple tracks.

  3. When all clips are not selected, the selected tracks trim– the others either do nothing, or move & overlap if ripple all tracks is on.

  4. When splitting clips, the behavior is different: Selecting just 1 clip can split all, if that command is used.

I’m just finding this quite clunky right now, so thanks for the clarifications.


Shift+click does not work for selecting clips over multiple tracks

Yes, it does. But click on the low half of clips.
You can also use Command+Shift and drag, to select multiples clips with a frame.

To trim selected clips, press Alternate while dragging a clip edge.

bheller, I’ve found that Command-Shift to draw a selection around all the clips you want to select (as Philippe said) is by far the easiest and fastest way to multi-select clips for editing.

I wonder what other program you’ve used for multitrack editing and how it’s different. I haven’t used anything else for a while, so barely remember, but I do remember Wavelab was harder to get used to editing in general, but I don’t remember why. (besides the huge difference switching from source-destination editing.)

One thing I think should be standard would be “s” to split all selected clips on all tracks, rather than having to seek out the “all tracks” command to do it. Quickly trying Reaper, that’s the default (“s” to split all selected clips on all tracks). It’s a small point and can probably be short-cutted easily, but I think a lot of this is about small points and ease and familiarity of using the defaults.

Same thing with adjusting clip edges and fades: the Reaper default is all selected clips on all tracks. It’s much more intuitive.

In Wavelab you have to know what special key to press and it’s not intuitive, and this has been asked many times before because people can’t figure it out. I know I couldn’t figure it out for quite a while. The special key should be for NOT doing it the “normal” all selected clip way, imo, if there’s a special key to be involved at all.