Conflict between Cubase and Dorico

When I open Cubase Pro 11.0.41. and then Dorico Pro 2.2.20 my keyboard (Arturia keylab 88mrkII) doesn’t work in Dorico, and when I open Dorico first and the Cubase, it doesn’t work in Cubase.
Can someone please tell me where the conflict lies, and how to solve it? (Windows 10)
Kind regards Allan

I use a variety of keyboards with Nuendo (same as Cubase basically) and Dorico w/out issue on Win 10. Maybe it’s something special with Arturia, it would help if you posted detailed information such as USB/MIDI, if MIDI what interface is it plugged into, did the Arturia come with it’s own driver to be installed, etc.

I’m using USB to computer, and as it says in the Arturia manual :

KeyLab MkII is a class-compliant USB device, so its drivers are automatically installed

when connecting to a computer.

thanks in advance

Same here but with AKAI MPK2 and EWI Wind Controllers. They use some bog-standard USB drivers that can’t deal with multiple apps connecting. As far as I know AKAI doesn’t offer custom drivers that’d allow it.

It’s because of the drivers.

Workaround to use them with multiple apps:
Install virtual MIDI ports. (I.E. loopMIDI)
Launch something like an instance of Bidule or Bome first, and route the controllers into the virtual ports from there.