Conflict between Grand 3 and Grand 3 LE

I am using Cubase 6 which came with Halion LE, Grand 3 LE, Symphonic Orchestra LE etc. I had loaded the optional Grand 3 LE and Symphonic Orchestra LE to give them a go during the trial period. During that time, my Rain Recording Ion system had issues that required it being sent back to Rain. By the time I got it back, the trial period was over, but I wanted to buy and install the full license of these products. I bought the full Halion version and the Grand 3 full version. The Grand 3 shipped as a disk version while I downloaded the Halion. I followed the installation instructions, but this loaded a the Halion full version along side the SE version causing conflicts within Cubase. After deleting Halion LE, the conflicts cleared up, allowing use of Halion, but there is a persistant error message showing the missing LE instruments, even though none are used in my sound files. The Grand 3 causes similar problems. My questions are these:

  1. How do I get rid of the unwanted error message that pops up everytime I load Cubase?
  2. How do I effectively replace Grand 3 trial version with the already installed full version (same applies to Halion)
  3. I bought the full Halion becuase I wanted the Symphonic Orchestra instruments and this seemed to be the only way to accomplish this online (very cryptic instructions and the link in the disks took me to Halion, without any differentiation between Halion and SO. I also have bought, inadvertantly 2 $500 full licenses for Halion in trying to buy Halion and Symphonic Orchestra. Any idea how to “return” an unwanted $500 “extra” license"?)
  4. With every other application I use, including high-end 3-D modeling, animation, ERP, statistical processing, video editing and more, upgrading to a full version handles the trial version removal etcetera. Why is this a problem with these products?

I am sure that 99% of this is user error, so don’t feel bad about letting me in on any stupid thing that I have done. Thanks in advance, Colin

Do a search on what files need to be deleted, it’s been covered quite a few times.

Yeah, did that and even with the help of the guys from Rain Recording, could not find all the files that are mentioned in the error message. Would you mind pointing me to the oft-covered topic by way of a helpful keyword?