Conflicts with Kontakt? USB key issues?


I’m a long-time user of Mac and Cubase Elements 8. I recently started using Vienna Ensemble, and then got a “new” computer [MacMini 2012, SSD + HDD only 5600rpm], 16GBRAM, upgrading from Mavericks to Sierra.

I tried Kontakt in Cubase for the first time yesterday, and have had some freezes since, and several Steinberg requests to “authorise my license”.

I have thus made a number of changes recently, and don’t know which are likely to be relevant.

Steinberg license: I had previously trialled Cubase 8.5 and 9, for which I had to buy a Steinberg key. Not realising the same key could be used for both, I later bought a Vienna key. Cubase 8.5 and 9 (for trial) apps remained in my Applications folder, as I was not sure how to safely remove them (no uninstaller). My Cubase Elements license remained on the e-licenser software where it had been for years.

On the “new” computer, running Sierra, I had to reauthorise my Cubase Elements 8 license in e-licenser Control Center. Shortly after, I “moved” the Cubase Elements license in the Control Center,to the Vienna key, which is apparently the same as the Steinberg key. So I now have a spare physical key if needed.

To free up some SSD space, I trashed (from Applications folder) the trial Cubase 8.5 and 9 apps.

I also deleted my old “Cubase Elements 7” app, (it has been renamed “Cubase LE AI Elements” for years, but left in place).

On restarting Cubase Elements 8 license was not seen, so I restored the file Cubase LE AI Elements to Applications. Elements 8 then started ok and was run for some time and several restarts.

I deleted from user Library what files I could find (only 1 or 2) specifically for Cubase 8.5 and 9.

Two days ago I started using a TECcontrol breath controller (Brilliant!!), in VSL and Garriton (Aria) libraries.

Yesterday I downloaded the free Kontakt 5 sample player and Native Instruments samples.

I ran Kontakt as stand alone first, then closed it (I think!) and opened Cubase.

OS requested my Admin password as “Cubase wants to make changes”. I’ve never seen that before, but I gave the password. After some time with nothing apparently happening (ref Activity Monitor) I force-closed Cubase.

On restart of Cubase, VE6 and Kontact GUI’s were opened in Cubase. They looked ok but first Kontakt GUI, then VSL GUI,Cubase and TECControl, all froze. So I forced close of all programmes.

Later I opened all 3 again (Cubase, with VSL still instantiated, then added Kontakt as 1-8out), explored Kontakt player GUI, found and briefly auditioned Kontakt instruments in Cubase. No problems.

Since then Cubase has been running alright, with VE, TEC, Aria, and another very brief test of a Kontakt instrument.

All has been well. Excellent, in fact.

Except - I have had Steinberg license authorisation requests several times today. Solved by restart and/or reconnecting the USB keys (both, as I don’t know which is which). NB I have both keys connected via short cables to keep them visible and avoid bumping etc. The little red LEDs are glowing on both whenever I look.

Can anyone advise re likely or possible causes of either

1)the “Cubase wants to make changes” msg


2)) the Cubase license often not being seen on re-launching app

I will happily avoid the Kontakt in future if there are any known conflicts in this set-up. Everything else has been playing together very nicely indeed.

Thank you for any advice! If all continues well, I may try deleting Elements 7 again. Just for tidiness.


I just remembered one other thing - after the freeze-and-force quit, I could not get Cubase to open at all. Nothing would happen. So I trashed the Prefs file (forget what it was called- just Steinberg.plist perhaps?) from the Library. Then opened Cubase and ran it ok…but didn’t open Kontakt for a few hours and several restarts (too scared!).

NB The restarts are just because I’m playing with so much new stuff at the moment I like to let any unwanted side-effects escape between sessions.

I would have thought your bi dongle set up is the problem there.

Thanks for your answer airflamesred. I didn’t see it earlier - I must have missed a notifications setting.

I don’t know if I identified the problem but it went away. I have opened the Kontakt a few times since without problems.

I did place the two dongles on different USB hubs at some stage, but I continue to have intermittent license failure for the Cubase one. I think it may be a USB problem as it gets corrected now by removing and reinserting the USB key. I am a bit worried how long the key will last if I keep having to remove and reinsert it though. I had it on a short cable to eliminate stress on the key itself, but have removed the cable now as a possible extra connection failure.