Conform/Reconform Function

Has anybody used this feature yet for their project? Reconforming, if it works, could save a massive amount of time. I’m about to give it a try, I think.

Eh,yes… off course.

We use reconform all the time.
Only for multi version reconforms I have to use Ediload to prep the edl, on regular reconforms it performs exactly as expected.

I know some users have used it to conform material as well. It works fine but Is rather clumsy. It was not created to do multi day conforms.

I use it a lot. It all depends on the EDL you can get. And that depends on the system the Picture Editor works with. They often use more then one Video Track. What you wish is one EDL with all relevant video edit information includet. And you need the EDL to be done in the same way for every picture version. That can need a bit of a communication with your picture editor or his assistant.

It works great!!! when you learn how to use it and get what you need. There are room for some improvements as with anything, but DAM all this comes with Nuendo in the box!!!

Ive used it. Seemed like magic!

I use it all the time, it works as long as the editor does not change clip names between versions. I even use the change edl to reconform PT projects, as an alternative to renting EdiLoad.
VFX shots are a problem because the timecode of the clip changes.
One thing I haven’t figured out is how to preserve the previous version of the cut in the same project. It always moves the clips to their new locations. “Restrict reconform range” options seems to prevent reconform from happening, at least in N7. Does anybody have an insight on this?

Restrict range work as expected an as far as I can remember worked in N7 as well.
If you want a duplicate in your project just make a copy before you reconform.

Does anyone have any idea why I get this error: ‘Frame Rate mismatch between current project and loaded EDL’?
I couldn’t get ReConform to work on my current project. I checked with the editor and frame rate hasn’t changed. But, upon loading the EDL’s, both the old and new one show around 600+ invalid messages (red dot next to the clip). Any idea what causes this?

On applying ReConform, the clips are still out of sync and there are huge empty patches in between. The clips also get placed from the 1day mark on the timeline.

Trying to figure out how I can streamline this for future projects as it seems to be a really useful feature.

I would guess there is something wrong with the edl’s or in the export project.
pm me a download link to old and new edl and I can try to take a look. I use the reconform tool often and with full confidence.

Thanks Eric, I’ll get this across to you during the week. It’ll be really helpful if you can figure out if it’s the EDL or something with my workflow.

Having Error message “Frame rate mismatch between current project and loaded EDL” despite the fact that Both Premiere Pro and Nuendo 10 are identical in terms of Frame Rate. Why? Can anybody help?

Open the EDL in wordpad or something and see what framerate is defined.
That’ll give you a clue where the problem lies.


Sorry for the necro here…

Erik, I have to do some reconforms this week or next and I’d like to try the function in Nuendo if possible.

What do you refer to below? Do you mean that a “regular reconform” is when you go from one version of the cut to the next, and that an “irregular” one would be going from cut 1 to cut 4 without the intermediate steps or something?

… and if you could also clarify that last point that’d be great.

Obviously if someone else has the answer please feel free to chime in…


Sorry, I could probably have been clearer.

  1. Multi version conforms is indeed where you need to conform through several versions like this:


Nuendo CAN do it, step by step, but it can’t compare all version between each other to create a composite multi version reconform. EDILoad can.
With Nuendo a scene that was removed in v2 and reintroduced in v4 would have to be manually handled, or dealt with separately as a reconform Brom v1>v4 no intermediate steps. But the analysis m is manual and you the user needs to figure out how.

For a basic reconform from one single EDL version to another Nuendos reconform is as accurate as any other (but easier).

  1. Just to be clear, the expressions reconform and conform refers to two separate processes that are similar but not the same.

Reconform re-organises thé project as a result when comparing two picture EDLs.

Conform assembles from scratch a edit based on a Audio EDL.

You can TRICK Nuendos conform engine to help to accomplish this, however the process is rather convoluted because:
Nuendo can only use video EDLs, so the Audio EDL will have to be pre-processed for Nuendo to accept it. A audio EDL can relate to different tracks, Nuendo can’t deal with that part of the EDL thus you have to consider that.
You have to deal with the conform adding all the shot takes to tha timeline manually to be able to do it and handle each day of shooting separately.
Basically it CAN be done, but in all but the simplest shoots it will be a slow complicated process with lots of manual interaction.

Since the field recorder audio import its use as a conform tool is a lot less interesting.

Let me know if I need to clarify further.

Awesome, thanks Erik!