Conforming / organizing the media in the Pool?

Hello ladies and gents!

So I have a question - I have OFTEN wondered if there was a way to AUTOMATICALLY move all audio files involved in a particular project to the root project audio folder. For example, I have a project, whose audio files are let’s say its in C:\Project\Audio. Yet, there are all kinds of other audio files that were imported from different drives at some point along the line, yet never copied to the project audio folder. Is there a function that you can click on that MOVES all audio files involved in the project into the project audio folder?

Hopefully that makes sense hehe :slight_smile:

I understand alot of answers will be things like
~ “simply tick the option to copy all files to project audio folder when you import them!” Well, i would have loved to, but I either accidentally didn’t, or some other thing happened.
~ “You could use the File → Back Up Project function and just copy everything to a new folder.” Yes I know, but I’m just wondering if there’s somewhere within the pool that a function exists that allows me to simply import all foreign files to the project audio folder.

And if there isn’t, can I submit a request for something like this?

You can submit a feature request for anything.

Yes, I think I will, but I’m going to wait a bit longer and see who replies to this thread. For all I know there IS said feature, and I just can’t find it…