Conforming / organizing the media in the Pool?

Hello ladies and gents!

So I have a question - I have OFTEN wondered if there was a way to AUTOMATICALLY move all audio files involved in a particular project to the root project audio folder. For example, I have a project, whose audio files are let’s say its in C:\Project\Audio. Yet, there are all kinds of other audio files that were imported from different drives at some point along the line, yet never copied to the project audio folder. Is there a function that you can click on that MOVES all audio files involved in the project into the project audio folder?

Hopefully that makes sense hehe :slight_smile:

I understand alot of answers will be things like
~ “simply tick the option to copy all files to project audio folder when you import them!” Well, i would have loved to, but I either accidentally didn’t, or some other thing happened.
~ “You could use the File -> Back Up Project function and just copy everything to a new folder.” Yes I know, but I’m just wondering if there’s somewhere within the pool that a function exists that allows me to simply import all foreign files to the project audio folder.

And if there isn’t, can I submit a request for something like this?

So in other words - a button or a menu item called say, “ORGANIZE and CONFORM POOL” which upon clicking, will bring all remote media into your project audio folder and CONFORM it to the project settings. One click! Man, i’d punch a nun to have that feature. :wink:

You could even bring it one step further and have it pop up with a dialog menu with options such as
~ minimize audio files
~ freeze edits
~ both audio and video
~ etc