Confused about Inspector documentation . .

Cubase Pro 11 noob here . . .
Trying to get up to speed with the Track Inspector… I discovered by accident that I could set a track’s MIDI channel in the Track Inspector but I had more questions about this so I went to the Operations Manual and it had . . .

Load/Save/Reload Track Preset

Loads or saves a track preset or reverts the default presets.
Input Routing

Allows you to specify the input bus for the track.
Activate Outputs

This control is only available if the instrument provides more than one output. It allows you to activate one or more outputs for the instrument.
Edit Instrument

Allows you to open the instrument panel.

Allows you to select a program.
Drum Map

Allows you to select a drum map for the track.

which correspond to …

so . . .

  1. is Load Track Preset
  2. is input Routing
  3. is (apparently) Edit Instrument
  4. is Programs

…so the MIDI channel is part of Edit Instrument but they don’t give any detail about that. So I did a text search for the string “edit instrument” in the PDF file for the Operations Manual and didn’t see any expansion of that topic. So where is “Edit Instrument” documented?


Here it is.

No, your link is to Track Inspector, which is what I quoted from in the OP.

My question was " So where is “Edit Instrument” documented?" Track Inspector allows you to set a MIDI channel in that at that spot but the Track Inspector documentation doesn’t say anything about that so I hoped the Edit Instrument documentation would elaborate.


Please, search “Edit Instrument” in the linked manual page.

Once you click this button, the Instrument/VSTi/plug-in window appears. Then you have to study the specific plug-in manual to learn the plug-in/Instrument/VSTi.

So if I want to know what “any” means, which is one of the options where you set the MIDI channel in the Inspector, it varies by plug-in? I tried to search for “any” in the manual, but the word “any” is so common I couldn’t narrow it down.