Confused about Midi Keyboard input for GA4.2

Please help me understand what I am not understanding. I have my midi keyboard triggering pads in GA4.2 … I’m using as VST in Cubase 8. In GA4 I load 3 kits. Kit 1 is Acoustic Agent, Kit 2 is Percussion Agent, Kit 3 is Beat Agent.

Now, I have the 1st kit chosen. I tap C2 on my keyboard I trigger a Tom pad. Good. Now I switch to the second kit. C2 pad is mapped to the left Conga, but when I trigger it on my keyboard, its still triggering the Tom pad! I switch to Kit 3… C2 pad is a Sample. I hit C2 on the keyboard The kit1 Tom is still triggered!!! ??? Shouldn’t it be changing the kits as I’m switching between them?

What is the trick? Or does Midi Input only work for the first kit? Is there something I have to change in Cubase?

I’m sure you have figured this by now but GA4 is multitimbral. By default you have to use MIDI channel 1 to play the first kit, channel 2 to play the second one, etc.

yes… I think I am clearer now… I have been following a year old tutorial. which just uses the GA4 instrument track and sets MIDI output channel to 10… which had me all confused… I see now that a better way to do it is to create a folder with separate recording MIDI tracks… each set to a different channel for each kit as well as one for a pattern track.