Confused about monitoring

Hi all I wondered if anyone can help with hopefully a really basic question, sorry if it’s stupid

I’m new to cubase and have 9.5LE that came with my zoom uac8 interface, I’ve got all 8 inputs working fine and I can hear them all through the main outputs once I’ve recorded

But I’m confused with the ‘monitor’ button on each track in cubase… It seems I have to have that selected in order to hear what I’m playing while I record
If I don’t have monitor selected, I can’t hear my guitar until its finished recording

Is that normal?

Hi and welcome,

Yes, this is correct.

  • Monitor On = You can hear what comes in from the track input.
  • Monitor Off = You can hear what is recorded in the track.

So if you want to monitor what you are currently recording (i.e. what comes to the input), you have to Enable the Monitor. If you want to hear what have you recorded to your track, disable Monitor.

Thanks very much Martin