Confused about putting Spectralayers on the whole track

With Nuendo 12 you can now apply extensions on the whole track - so it gets applied to every event on the track.

I have a track with probably 100 events - all the same person’s dialogue, and would like to use Spectralayers for noise reduction. I put Spectralayers on the whole track, and now I can see each event on the track in the Spectralayers window. So far so good. But then when I “learn” the noise, and then highlight ALL audio (so all events) in Spectralayers and apply noise reduction process, it doesn’t work on all the events. It only works on 1 layer (1 event).

How can I apply noise reduction to all of the events at once that are showing in Spectralayers as different layers (which are different events)?

Basically trying to apply noise reduction on every event on the track at once (without having to bounce all the events as 1 audio file first - because then I lose handles)