Confused between CD Text and Meta Data

In Wavelab 8.5 I want to assemble a CD submission for a higher degree student, the CD contains classical music material which will be examined by academic staff in various locations. I’m assuming when they put the CD into their computer(s) they will be expecting to see a CD album title, as well as the track number, track title and composer and a playing time for each track on the CD.

In the Audio Montage I created, this data is listed in the Markers and Clips areas, but when I burn an audio CD from this montage the CD simply shows up in my computer media player (eg VLC or Windows Media Player) as Unknown Album, Track 1, Track 2 Track 3 etc…no album title, no track names.

I had previously clicked on the CD text entry area, and copied the Marker/Clip names into the CD Text addition box…but since none of this information is present when I load the CD into the computer, I’m assuming that what I require is Meta Data and not CD Text ?

Can you please point me towards a method which will inherit or transfer this Clip/Marker track naming information (as well as an overall CD title and performer title), which is already in the Audio Montage, into the CD burning process…so that when I burn an audio CD, this meta data will successfully be transferred to the audio CD ?

I’m guessing I don’t really need CD Text at all, since it’s absent when the disc spins up in the computer…is that correct ?

EDIT: When I insert a CD burned with CD Text into my computer CD drive, and click on Import CD in Wavelab…the tracks show up with correct naming and times (not just Track 1, Track 2, Track 3…) , so perhaps CD Text is all I need after all, and not Meta Data ?

Can anyone explain which of these data sets a computer is reading when it reveals these details ?

Thank you for your assistance

When you burn an Audio-CD, it will be according to the Red Book standard, which was later enriched with the CD-Text functionality. After adding all necessary info to the CD-text function in WL, the Audio CD you burn will have all titles, artist and overall CD info written into it.

The problem is that only very few players can actually read CD-Text from the disk itself - and most computer players (Windows Media Player, VLC) don’t normally read it (sometimes with an added plugin). These players normally start looking for data of the loaded disk from online databases (based on number of tracks and their playnig time), and that’s why most commercial CDs are recognized.

For the use you describe, it may be better to write a data disk with individual tracks (wav or mp3 for instance) that include all metadata. Certainly with mp3 all players show the data that was added.