Confused re purchase of Halion 6 full Version


Perhaps I am missing something simple here, so apologies in advance if this is a well known topic. I am not experienced with Halion.

Today I purchased the full version of Halion 6 to take advantage of the half price sale. I had to go for full version as I only have Halion Sonic SE up until now. All went smoothly with all aspects of download, install, licence and registration.

However, when I attempt to set up a new instrument track in Cubase 10 Pro, firstly it lists only Halion Sonic SE and “Halion Sonic”

If I choose Halion Sonic, it sets up the page fine (which looks pretty much the same as HS SE) but with many components available that I have not seen before, - however, it is clearly labelled Halion Sonic 3, and even the " about " box says the same.

What am I missing please?



all ok…

I think kneed to choose from " sampler " heading in instrument selection box

all good …sorry to bother…