Confusing interface design


I’ve gone directly from 6.5 to 8 so I don’t know if it’s been introduced in 7 or 8: on the top left of the MixConsole there are two button sections, one for track visibility (“Configuration”) and another for Racks (cf. screenshot).
Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 20.48.46.png
I’ll to explain my point as clearly as I can…

To the left of “Configurations” and “Racks” are two buttons which look very similar. You would think they perform the same function. But the one on the left handles visibility and the one on the right just turns the racks on or off. In order to select a specific rack visibility you have to click on the word “Rack”. But if you click on “Configuration” you get the presets menu, something else entirely. The rack selection menu uses the same design as the track visibility menu, and IMHO there should be some consistency between the interface elements that make them appear.

I’ve been working in the MixConsole continuously for weeks now, and I still click on the wrong icons by mistake because I can’t remember which of the two handles visibility by clicking on the name and which one does it through the icon (e.g. you want to see the PRE section of the rack, or turn on MIDI track visibility, should you click on the word or on the icon?)

Small issue compared to all the rest, probably. But this design oversight kills me 10 times each day…

Agree 100%




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