Confusion about audio output

So, I plugged my headphones into my MacBook and I can choose in the OS menu bar whether the sound should come out of the internal laptop speakers or the headphones. Now, when running Dorico and opening a project I noticed that it outputs the sound through the headphones while I’ve selected the internal speakers in the menu bar. I have to go into the Device Setup where I see two checkboxes for the output and there is indeed the headphone output selected. Also, I can’t change the volume of the headphones via my keyboard unless I go into System Preferences > Sound and move the slider there (keyboard will only change the sound of the internal speakers).

Should Dorico not switch automatically with whatever I select in the OS?

No, some apps offer the Option “System Device” (such as Logic), but in Dorico you have to actively chose the output you want to use. I think it’s because it’s using the cubase audio engine, and the ASIO-System (which on the mac needs the ASIO2CoreAudio translation)

Logic also has its own audio output setting, independent of the OS.

It’s pretty standard for ‘pro’ apps that deal with audio to have their own control.

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yes, but you can chose “System Device”, and I think that’s default.

I do that, but it doesn’t work. Dorico uses the same output it used when I last ran it, regardless of whether something is plugged into the headphone jack. If it’s not the same as the last run, I have to unplug and re-plug (or vice-versa) to make Dorico use the current System device.

The standard approach to this in Dorico and other Steinberg apps is to use an Aggregate Device created in Audio MIDI Setup, as described here:

OK, I tried that but now it comes out of both, the headphones and the laptop speakers. :thinking: I want it to only use headphones if they are plugged in, otherwise the internal speakers.