Confusion in Percussion Instruments

In the settings panel of the VST instrument rack (cog), where you add expression maps and percussion maps, Dorico does a confusing thing of labeling some of the instruments as “Percussion 1” which is actually snare drum.

This isn’t a big deal in Dorico, just a minor annoyance as I have to close a window to find what instrument it should be.

However, when you export MIDI and open in Cubase, this makes it much harder to figure things out.

I think it would be better if instead of labeling the instruments as “Percussion 1” and “Percussion 2” that it actually said the name of the instrument, and also export that same name when one exports MIDI and opens in Cubase.


Robby, could you share a screenshot of your players / percussion kits? I see snare drum as snare drum, must be something going on with your setup.

Here it is… is this what you are looking for?


Just right click on the instrument in the player, edit names and set the name there. That is used in the staff and in the Play view.

Yes, I can do that. The problem is I need it say “percussion 1” in the score.

It is in the Percussion map assignment, or in the MIDI export that I need the name to say Snare Drum. That way in Cubase, I don’t have to guess what Percussion 1 is… I guess I could do a save as, change the file to something else, change the percussion names as appropriate and export from there.

That would be a workaround for now. Thanks for helping me to see that as an option.


P.S. - How are you coming along with that percussion map? I have some time the next 3 days to help you if you need/want help. Send me a PM and we can get in touch.