Confusion over trombone transposition

I am writing the orchestra score, but I got a problem which I looked in already, but I cannot find how to solve it.

For the C score has no problem, however when I chose ‘Transposed Pitch’ (in edit menu), the key of instruments changed well, except the trombones and tuba.
The results of trombones and tuba were:

  1. Key Signature changed
  2. The notations were transposed (which I think this is wrong)

I would like these instruments to stay the same as in C score (Bass clef, and no transpose).
Can anyone guide me how to fix it, please?

I have to confess to being confused.

I notice that the timpani in the transposed excerpt has not changed pitch.
I see a clef and pitch change in the brass, but I do not see a key change.

Are you trying to transpose the entire piece (from the edit menu) or only change the brass from C-instruments to instruments in Bb, which you need to handle for each instrument in Setup mode.?

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Trombones are not transposing instruments, hence no change.

Edit: I’m sorry; you mean the clef changed. That IS odd.

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Yes, that what’s confusing me. Normally, when pressed the transposed pitch, only:
clarinet in Bb, Trumpet, Horn in F will change. However, I don’t know why the trombones and tuba changed too :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

James, the brass seems to jump up a whole tone, which makes me wonder whether they have somehow morphed into British Brass Band format (which I understand very little of).

My hazy memory is that British Brass Bands put some of their lower brass into treble clef and use a Bb transposition.

If I am wrong, someone will doubtless correct me. I expect the place to correct this would be in the Setup > Player Card > Instrument pull-down > Change Instrument dialog.


I just want to transposed only the clarinets, trumpets, and Horns. But, the effect were on trombones and tuba as well; I don’t understand why.

It sounds like you chose the first of the two options for Trombone when adding a player. Choose the one highlighted in blue (in the right-hand column) in this screen shot.

The first one will show the instrument at sounding pitch in bass clef when the score is set to Concert Pitch, but show the instrument at transposed pitch (and key signature) in treble clef when the score is set to Transposed Pitch. The second (highlighted in blue) will show the trombone at sounding pitch in bass clef whichever way the score is set.


Thank you, StevenJones01.
I will try to fix according your direction.

Do what Derrek says.

Tuba (maybe look under “Bass” in the Brass category) will have options similar to those for the trombone.


ok, Thank you

Dear everyone,
the problem has been solved.

Thank you very much for your help :blush: :pleading_face:

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