Confusion with licences

Hello everybody.
I’ve purchesed Dorico Elements 3. In my E-licenser there is Dorico Elements 3 license. Yet when I lunch the program what I get is “DORICO PRO3” trial and in the about Dorico it says “License expires: 18 hours 41 minutes 23 seconds”.
My guess is it got confused with the trial of the full version 3 I had installed in the past.
Can anybody help me understand what is going on?
Thank you in advance

It’s probably just going to “find” Pro until the trial expires, then it’ll switch to Elements (same program, different permission).

From the version history: “If you want to run the application with the limitations of Dorico Elements or even Dorico LE, you can do this by holding a key down when you start the application: hold Alt to run as Dorico Elements, or hold Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) to run as Dorico LE.”

You have a 24-hour “all applications” trial license on your USB-eLicenser, and because that allows a “higher” license level to be used than your Elements activation code, it’s choosing that until such time as your trial expires. Unfortunately doing what Dan suggests and running Elements by holding Alt when you start Dorico won’t prevent it from using your time-limited trial license: there’s no way for a client application like Dorico to control which specific license it uses.

Yes, but it doesn’t really matter which license is used, so long as it’s not a lower license level, does it?
By forcing Dorico to start as Elements you can make sure you don’t accidentally use any pro features that will prevent you from editing your projects when the trial license expires.