Congas playback slap sound

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to figure out how to assign the ‘slap’ sound to the x notehead. Anyone an idea?
I added the X notehead in the percussion kit as an extra playing technique, set it to slap but then no change of sound.
What is the right way of adding these playing techniques?

Perhaps there’s a video about that but I couldn’t find anything about this, specifically about playback.

Tnx for your help!
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What map are you using under Play/Percussion Map? That’s where you map that pitch and playback technique to a specific sound. What sound library are you using? If you are using the General MIDI sound library by default, there is no Conga slap sound. If you are using something like Garritan World Instruments - Latin Percussion 1, the Quinto slap is A4 and Conga slap A3 depending on what you want for the high slap. It’s been a bit since I’ve set all that up from scratch myself, but the key is to have the percussion playing technique defined in your Percussion Map which then points Dorico to the correct playback sound.

I use noteperfomer but can also use the Halion sounds. They have a slap sound for sure.
I used the ‘slap’ playing technique but I think I shouldn’t map it to al playing technique but a specific note right?
This part of Dorico is quit new for me…

You might find this end-to-end tutorial for how to set up playing techniques for percussion helpful.