Congrats, but have some questions to ask?

First i like to congratulate Steinberg on the new release of Cubase 6!
The program look’s very nice!

My first question is will steinberg offer HALion Sonic SE expansion packs in the future?

My second question is too people who have Cubase 6 already, how’s the new time stretching

My last question is will the older Cubase plug-ins get a face lift to match the decor such as (Embracer,Monologue,Step Filter,)etc
In the near future?


And Congratulations again!


Peace :smiley:

I think the only people who already have Cubase 6 are Steinberg employees, since it just started shipping today :wink:

My apologizes, i was under the impression from a post on “Please bring back channel type colors” that
Cubase 6 was out for some people!

We’ll, i guess it’s a early question when people have the program.

Thank’s Delicieuxz,

Blueblackness. :confused:

Well, this is how the Cubase forum works - moaning and whining about things no one has even really seen or used yet…


I like to bump this thread to the mods if they could at least answer the 1st and the 3rd last

would be appreciated! :slight_smile:



Yes, there will be additional expansion packs for HALion Sonic SE.
In regards to the time stretching algorithms (there are also new pitch algorithms) I personally believe, they are excellent but you should make your own experience.

Thanks Oracle,
I think i’ll make the jump to Cubase 6 in a month!

I still think that Steinberg should change the older plug-ins (Embracer,Monologue,Step Filter,)etc to
match the decor off the new program!

My own opinion.

Blueblackness :wink:

Peace everyone!