Congrats Devs... you guys really did a great job.

Really, with this update, you’ve really nailed everything that was “off” about 8.5, which was “almost there” anyway. I cannot speak to how well the engine handles processing… but I have to say, Cubase 9 is the cubase I always knew could be… and the one I’ve always wanted… and have stuck around for (since being on 6.5 for so many years). Cubase is now truly beautiful to look at, and sits so comfortably on ONE screen. I want to say, you guys really needed this. I can’t imagine how others feel, but I have been auditioning many other daws this year… I had given up that you would ever “get it together”. I am so glad to see cubase 9 arrive… and not a moment too early.

For those on the fence… the BIGGEST FEATURE OF THIS UPGRADE… is the window management system. Or mixer undo… because that had to be a pain in the ass to implement. But these windows finally work! I’m off to use it some more.

Been with Cubase since version 4, upgraded every time a new version appeared and have never been disappointed. Congratulations guys, you’ve done it again. Great product. Thanks.


This update shows the willingness of the Cubase team to put in the work to make this a great DAW. While I also have my ideas of what could be improved further, they weren’t afraid to rework previous shortcomings instead of expecting us to deal with them (the death of the floating transport window is a clear example), and this can only mean positive things for the future.

Thank you, very happy.

Yeah I think people get a little unreasonably upset when things they wanted weren’t included. I haven’t updated yet, but I will when the smoke clears and I’m sure no big issues are going to take me by surprise. Seems like they’ve added some worthwhile things, and the mixer history is essential.

I can only chuckle a little at guys complaining about $100 for an upgrade. You should try being an Ableton customer. $250-300 between versions, and they don’t listen to feature requests any better than Steinberg. Perhaps worse. That said, they did practically add as much in a free .5 update as Cubase did between 8.5 and 9.