Congrats on Spectralayers One (Lite) being included with Cubase 11

Surely that will be some girthy promotion for your fantastic software!

Is it a lite version or a full version , i had issues with SL7 loading in C10.5.20 but the new SL7O loads perfect but as i have SL7pro installed i can’t say if it’s a lite version with C11 or not lol

Thanks !

Modularnutter : Pro > Elements > One.
You can find a feature comparison table between the 3 editions here: SpectraLayers Editions Comparison

However if you already have a Pro license, Pro will replace One in Cubase.

I am also very excited by Cubase 11 having Spectralayers in it, even a lite version.
Having played around couple of month ago demo mode, I really liked SL and I am all behind this move, it will only brings more people to take a close look at the full version. Personally I’m just waiting black friday to get Cubase 11 & SL 7 (with a bit of luck, there will be some kind of reduction, we’ll see).

How does that work if you have 6 since features not the same?

Thank you Robin . all working very well here :wink:

lovegames: If you have SL Pro 6 or SL Elements 6 and Cubase 11 but don’t have a SL Pro 7 or SL Elements 7 license, you’ll have to choose between using SL Pro/Elements 6 or SL One 7. Whatever you install last (SL 6 or SL 7) takes control of the ARA connection.

Okay thanks, good to know, guess I’ll use SL6 in DAW, and One standalone if I need vocal unmix until I upgrade SL6 to SL7.