I just want to say congratulations to Steinberg for wining the MIA award, which is just one of multiple awards won this year alone. This company work so hard to make sure users get everything they need and more when it comes to their products and I can’t say enough how happy I am for making the switch to Steinberg/Yamaha, and now Harrison which means even greater things to come.

To all users, please lets show our appreciation and let Steinberg know that their hard work is not going unnoticed by just replying to this post saying “thanks”.

"The award was designed to celebrate the very best in performance, quality, value for money and retail success. It was voted for by the general public. "

I think they know. :laughing:

True!.. Never mind then. I just thought it would’ve been cool to do.

aloha guys

I’m in.

Go Steiny!

Me too! I’m in as well. Thanks Steinberg. You’ve called me over from Cakewalk Sonar 2 1/2 years ago and kept me here.
I’m lovin’ 8.0.30.

The spirit of onemidi’s post prevails!
Go Steinberg!!!

Exciting things to come!

I’m in, too…looking forward to what next month brings, Cubase Forever!

Thanks a lot!

I understand how important it is to have hard work recognized and appreciated, and even though part of the award Steinberg recieved was for retail sales, Steinberg/Yamaha still continues to work on bug fixes, technology updates, new features etc. for us, so why should we make buying the software enough thanks. (@winter rat).

Who knows… maybe seeing hundreds of users saying thanks might inspire the developers to work even harder which can trigger an idea for a new technology that could change DAWs as we know it.

Congrats indeed to Steinberg! I’ve been with the team (as a user) way back since Pro 24, and although I have never been shy to check out the competition, Cubase has always been my platform for creative expression.

I think one of the prevailing reasons for their success is the passion and determination of their userbase, and believe you all deserve a pat on the back as well.

Stay transparent about issues/improvements as we are all part of the development!

Yes, I was gonna ask if anyone here’s getting thrilled about a possible December release SB might gives us, such as 8.5??


+1 Keep up the good work!


congrats steinberg :slight_smile:

+1 and have high hope for the Harrison collaboration, hopefully it’s a bit more dynamic then the collaboration with Rupert Neve (updates on RND’s are non existent)

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dito Congrats, Steinberg!