Daniel and team,

thanks for a great presentation and a great first tutorial on Dorico! Guess it may be a sleepless night :slight_smile:

all the best wishes,

Indeed, it was fantastic! Christmas has come early!

Stop making the rest of us jealous!

Do we know what time tomorrow it’ll be available to purchase?

IF I ever foolishly thought I might not, after all, buy Dorico, I, after seeing and hearing the Dorico live stream at, know that I will buy it. Today.

Thank you ever so much, Daniel, the team, and Steinberg. All of us, the professional composers and musicians, can finally throw away whatever scoring program(s) we used to use to prevent us from writing what we wanted to write.

When I started using computers to write – I repeat: write – music about 30 years ago, I knew this is and will be bad. And it was, it has been. I am not blaming my good old friend Finale (since 1992) about anything. It was only what it could be and is what it can be. Thank you, Finale.

Dorico takes us back to what composing used to be and should be: Write whatever you want however you want. I just might even stop missing my pencil, rubber eraser and sheets of paper - the only tools that ever worked before Dorico.

Thank you again.