Connect 3.0 Red Sync Light using FOCUSRITE Scarlett 212

I’m running VST Connect Pro 3.0.100 and am connecting to a remote site running a Focusrite Scarlett 212. When I connect to the remote site using the Focusrite ASIO driver, the Sync light is RED and the audio doesn’t work on the remote end. I can’t get any inputs from them or submit output to them. Also there is no bands lit up beside the Sync light.

Note: The Performer system used to have an AudioBox USB connected to it. If I change the drivers for the Performer to AudioBox, the Sync light will turn GREEN and there is some indication that audio is being transmitted in the meters intermittently. But no real audio is passing through… jus the the hope… from a GREEN sync light.

Any ideas would be helpful.

Did you assign inputs to some Performer channel(s)? On the top of each channel strip, you can select the hardware source bus. If no input is connected on any channel, no audio is beeing transmitted, which may cause the Sync LED to fire. When switching drivers, it may well be the case that the program is successful selecting some default inputs for one device but not for another.

Thank you for your response! I tried a suggestion from a feed I’d read yesterday and it worked!

Basically, we connected and then switched his driver on the computer to generic and then back to Focusrite and this caused it to work.

An interesting observation was that I could not manage his side, Master, Studio, VST, etc… it wasn’t even visible on the Connect Pro side. But it still worked. I just had to ask him to make input/monitoring adjustments on his side to his liking. My Cubase 8.5.20 crashed midway through the session while I was performing something in VST Connect and we had to go through the routine again of switching drivers back and forth on his side to make it work. The second time however, allowed me access to his controls, master, etc… go figure.